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HS360 Full Circle Enhanced Virtual Coaching & Hunting Strategy service.

The purpose and primary focus of this virtual service will be to help further the personal hunting success for any small/medium size property landowner who has been working their habitat plan for a minimum of 3+ years. HS360 Full Circle virtual Plan Coaching & hunting strategy service is for landowners regardless of who did their plan, one of their hunting habitat friends or it can be their own personal design or from a professional in the habitat improvement industry.

Occasionally I will provide tours on my property, where you can see up close and touch what 40 plus years of habitat management looks like, check my Facebook page for announcements on the next tour.

Case Study Jenn Sequin

Transforming Backyard Hunts: A Journey with Jake at Habitat Solutions 360

So thankful for the guidance from Jake at Habitat Solutions 360! We own 80 wooded acres in mid-Michigan. We are surrounded by farm fields, and it is a high-pressure area with many gun season hunters. We have 3 boys who all enjoy hunting as does my husband and I, and of course every hunter wants to shoot a mature buck, but it’s pretty cool to do it in your own backyard.


Customer stories

I am so thankful for your help on my property. In one season of work I have already seen leaps in deer activity and to top it all off I shot my best buck so far on 11-04-2012 chasing does out of my food plot in the back.

Andy Lewis
Coleman, MI

I got my shot Saturday AM. He came thru the plot at my house just as I planned cruising for does. Ended up stopping at 15 yards and watched him go down. Dressed out at 155lbs. Thanks again for the direction you have sent me with your knowledge and awesome seed.

John Smith

We had him on our Trail Cams many times feeding in our Food Plots. We had another larger Buck on our Trail Cams during daylight hours. Without your help, this trophy wouldn’t be hanging on my wall. Thanks again to Habitat Solutions 360, LLC for making this possible.

Mark and Ed Heidema image
Mark and Ed Heidema
Holland, MI

Three years ago I hired Jake from Habitat Solutions 360, LLC to examine my property and to give me his advice on how I could improve the habitat, so that I could harvest mature bucks. It was the best thing I could have possibly done!!! Thanks Jake and QDMA!!

Dave Tanney image
Dave Tanney
Hubbardston, MI

The comprehensive plan Jake put together for me saved many, many years of trial and error and indecision from my process of creating a whitetail paradise.

Andrew Smith image
Andrew Smith
Hubbardston, MI

In 2013 Jake’s Farm was
Certified by the QDMA
as the First “Legacy Land” in Michigan

Would you like your property to achieve the status of a 'Legacy Lands'? We know what it takes to achieve and maintain one of the very few Legacy Lands in Michigan.


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