Travel Corridors

Once you’ve done your hinge cutting, screening and planting food plots you need to think about travel corridors. Some of them, in fact most of them, are created solely for deer travel, but some you share with your deer for entry and exit routes. There’s something profound in the experience of creating the travel corridor and seeing a nice buck use it during the rut of the fall.

First pass was with my chainsaw, second pass was with my walk behind brush hog, third pass was to spray the ground/trail with “ground clear” herbicide.

Other than a chainsaw this is one of my most beneficial habitat tools for travel corridors.

These trees were hinged over a travel corridor that I mow and maintain during the warm season.

Often you need to cut travel corridors into your hinge cuttings, a new one in the making on the left, right one has been on my property for years.

These are wider travel corridors that I can drive my tractor through, but still when thick cover borders it and extreme scent control is used the deer move through them regularly.

Paths in food plots….corridors? You bet!

Left: A photo I took of a nice one antlered buck using my cut & sprayed corridor. Right: This photo shows how well the bucks will use these corridors when using mock scrapes and thick cover to induce security.

What more proof do you need? Look at the date!

This buck is walking through right where I cut a log in a travel corridor, a little work = rewards.



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