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HS360 On-site consulting visits faqs

Due to the limited number of personal on-site visit availability, your property needs to be a minimum of 60 acres or more in size.

Ideally, you’ve owned and hunted the property for at least 2-3 seasons, your personal experiences and intel are valuable information that helps me identify gaps & develop a management plan to reach your goals and counter some of the disappointments you’ve encountered.

Your habitat management plan will be very detailed and may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, there will be a number of task required by you to accomplish during the off-season for several of the upcoming years. Your success depends directly on how much time & work you put into completing all the suggested improvements.

If you engage in a landowner and/or lease partnership, I encourage all those involved with a hunting interest to be there. My management plans will only succeed when everyone involved is on board and understands how important each improvement is.

HS360 Full Circle Enhanced Virtual Coaching & Hunting Strategy service faqs

Many of you have been working on your habitat & plan for a few years and have a lot of questions, you really don’t need a personal site visit but would like another opinion in the a few or several areas you’re struggling with, this virtual service is for you.

The 7 Big Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Before Hiring A Habitat Consultant

Does he have a good reputation with plenty of references available? It is important to know what others say about his integrity, how he works with his clients, and if any controversy surrounds him or his business.

Does he produce a detailed written plan and a professionally drawn engineered site layout so you can refer back to it over and over again?

Does he require you to sign a waiver that he uses to restrict you and your hunting guests from showing your property to all your friends, or does he encourage you to share and show off your property to everyone?

What kind of person is he…has he spent his life learning about habitat improvements and does he own his own property that he has used as his development property?

Is he customer service oriented…and can you contact him with any questions and concerns about your plan long after you have paid him, and will he gladly respond back to you with helpful answers?

Does he focus on your needs…will he develop a plan to meet your goals, not what he thinks your goals should be?

Is he just as passionate about your success as you are?



On-site Consulting and Detailed Land Management & Hunting Improvement Plans.


HS360 Full Circle Enhanced Virtual Coaching & Hunting Strategy service.


Attend one of Jakes Habitat Workshops and tour Jakes farm.

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