Foods Plots

Foods Plots

Before and after freshly planted ground hog radish in background with soy beans on the left. Planting 8 weeks apart stages the food production for the oncoming fall & winter stress periods.

Left: Perennial clover, chicory & alfalfa blend Right: Cool season annual blend with crimson clover, dwarf essex rape, & kale. Notice the cover and security used around these food plots. Want to see more deer? Use more cover on your food plot edges!

Layering diverse food sources: Ground Hog Radishes in the back ground, Soy Beans in the center and New Zeeland Alfalfa in the foreground. What you don’t see is a 4 acre field of cave-in-rock switch grass next to the Alfalfa…diversity and variety is how you develop predictable movement patterns.

The Benefits in Top Dressing or over-seeding your Round-up Ready Soy Beans.

If your ground is clean and free of competition, the over seeding with cool season annuals along the edges where the beans are being browsed by your deer makes for an easy way to increase your food plots’ attractiveness and food production.

A little planning and creativity will change your property’s food sources & the predictability of deer movement so your hunts are so much more rewarding, look at all the food available in these top-dressed warm season annual soy beans & corn fields. Never again will the deer leave your bean fields when the leaves turn yellow.

Try mixing round up ready corn & soy beans in the same food plot. Some say they can’t be grown together because you get a poor crop of each, I beg to differ, cut your corn back to 12-15 pounds/acre. What a food source for your local deer!

Tonnage production for the oncoming winter months!

Imagine 2-3 acres or more of these on your property? Want to bring the deer into your property? Ground hog radishes are a great choice to plant along with your other cool season annuals.

Purple Top Turnips can be a big time early winter attraction as well.

if you like to see deer during late season, hold more deer and just enjoy having more deer using your property; then a comprehensive food plot program for your property will greatly enhance it.

Do you see this? Cover+ Food + Water = Predictable deer movement!



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