Pre-Purchase Land Review

Are you looking to buy a piece of hunting property? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a certain piece of property but aren’t sure if it has the right kind of habitat to hold deer. Those are the exact reasons as to why I provide a pre-purchase land review. Buying a piece of property is a big investment so instead of making a blind decision of how you might be able to improve the property to see more deer, now you can receive an experts opinion on the property you are looking to purchase for deer hunting.

I will meet with you and walk the land with you providing my deer behavior knowledge as seen on the land. At first, it may seem that there is very little deer sign on the property but I will also let you know how you can make changes to the property to increase the deer habitat so you can see and hold more mature bucks on the property. At the conclusion of the walk I will provide you with a one page written report of the habitat changes you can make. This will allow you to make a more knowledgeable decision on purchasing the property.


$600-$800 – Depending on acreage size and amount of time I am needed (plus travel if required.)

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