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 Workshop Dates for Spring 2019:

Workshop dates have yet to be selected as they are somewhat weather dependent, contact HS360, LLC for more info

Habitat Solutions 360, LLC will be making a announcement soon about my completely new & revolutionary educational habitat classes “Jake’s Habitat & Hunting School” will be like nothing you’ve ever seen or attended they will be two day classes built around your experience level.

You will not only participate in a true formal habitat & hunting class, but each student has an opportunity to build and improve habitat, and as they say there’s nothing like doing it yourself…You can watch videos all day but until you’ve been in the woods watching me hinge cutting and working along with me you’ll never get the feel for the “how, why & where”!

Mailing Address:
You will need to contact me and fill out an application, after I receive it your answers will tell me what class level you fit into.
send a email to jake@habitatsolutions360.com for more information.

Habitat Solutions
PO Box 191
Addison, MI 49220


Habitat Workshop Location Address:
Habitat Solutions
16566 Manitou Beach Rd.
Addison, MI 49220


men> jake@habitatsolutions360.com

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