“Discover Today What Took Me 30 Years To Learn How To Attract And Hold Mature Bucks On My Small Property”


Follow Along With Me As I Take You Into Several of My Hinge Cut Sanctuaries With Buck Beds, Doe Beds and Travel Corridors Leading To Small Ambush Food Plots So You Know Exactly What To Do On Your Property In a Fraction of the Time




Every spring I have a couple Habitat Workshops at my property where I only allow about about a dozen eager-to-learn hunters and landowners at a time to come and see my habitat strategies for themselves.

I first give them a presentation in a small gathering room to give them an over-view of what they will see and the steps it took to get the habitat to what it is today along with some other great information they will need before applying it to their own property.

They also get to see my scent-free room where I make myself virtually scent-free before every hunt.

During a recent Habitat Workshop, I had my good friend and cameraman Randy film the whole day of activities. Several hours worth of intense habitat strategies were shown to the small group.

No stone was left unturned. You can see the lights come on in the heads of the people in the group when they see strategies they never saw before.

So much new information was shared with them, it was like drinking water from a firehose.

But now you have the advantage of watching the whole day on video.

That means you can stop, start and rewind as much as you like, as often as you like so you don’t miss any details.

See how I make buck beds. Even how I get bucks to face in a certain direction while bedded down.

I show you my doe family bedding areas inside several hinge cuts. Lots of them.

I take you right through several deer travel corridors and steering tunnels, passed many pinch points, multiple treestand setups, and small micro-sized ambush food plots.

I make this statement with no hesitation…..“What you see in these videos will take several years (maybe dozens) off your learning curve. There is no other place on TV, DVDs, or the internet where you can see and absorb this kind of hardcore detailed information about what mature bucks want to live in security.”

The cost to attend my workshop once is $175.

But you can watch the videos online for only $37.

Yep, just $37 gets you access right now to proven, how-to habitat strategies that will pay for itself hundreds of times over.

That’s about 1/5 the cost, and you can watch them as many times as you want to really understand how to do what I did to your own property.

You get full, unrestricted, lifetime access to everything (no monthly or recurring fees whatsoever).

You can even watch the videos on any mobile device.

I am so confident you will be amazed by what you see and what is possible on your own property, that I’m offering a 30 day No-Questions-Asked money back guarantee.

If you are not blown away by what you see and hear in these 3+ hours of videos, I will happily refund every penny to you.

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